Express Entry

One can immigrate through express entry under one of the following categories for
skilled workers:

Canadian Experience class:

This class is for the foreign nationals who have full time or part time canadian skilled work experience. Minimum Requirement:
  • Must meet the required language levels
  • Have at least 1 year of full time work experience in past 3 years. One can meet this in a different ways:
    • Full time at 1 job: 30 hours/ week for 12 months
    • Equal amount in part time work
    • Full time work at more than 1 job
  • Work experience must be earned inside Canada

Who can not apply under this category:

  • A refugee claimant in Canada
  • Work experience gained without work authorization
  • Work experience was gained without temporary resident status in Canada

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Federal Skilled Worker Class

This program is for Skilled workers who has international work experience and want to migrate to
Canada permanently. Minimum Eligibility criteria is as following:

  • Minimum 1 year (1560 Hours) of full time (30 hours per week) or equivalent part time work experience within past 10 years in either NOC0, NOC A or NOC B. Student work experience does not count.
  • Get a minimum score of CLB 7 in language ability
  • Get 67/100 points-point grid used to assess eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. There are different selection factors considered under this program.

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Federal Skilled trade:

This program is for skilled workers who has job experience a skilled trade job (NOC B
jobs). To be eligible under this program you must:

  • Meet the Required Language Level for each Language ability.
  • Have at least 2 years of full time or an equivalent part time work experience in a
    skilled trade within the past 5 years.
  • Meet the minimum job requirement for that skilled trade as set out in the National
    occupational Classification.
  • Have a valid JOB OFFER and a Certificate of Qualification.

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