Temporary Residents

A temporary resident of Canada is a foreign national who is legally authorized to enter Canada for temporary purposes.

Permanent Residents

A Permanent Resident of Canada is someone who is given permission to permanently reside in Canada. A Permanent resident is not a citizen.


A permanent resident can become a Canadian citizen by the naturalization process in Canada.

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Edmonton, AB, Canada

“My name is Rajvir Kaur. I am a RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant), registered and licensed member of ICCRC ( Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). I have been awarded an Immigration Consultant Diploma by Ashton College, Vancouver, BC. On the other hand I hold a Masters Degree in Information Technology and a Post graduation Diploma in Business Management. ”

As an originator of Royal Choice Immigration it is my due diligence to provide immigration services with an exceptional experience. I am here to give wings to you vision, assist you to make a royal choice for yourself and help you accomplish your dreams. We are dedicated to make entire application process quick, effortless and smooth for you. In this world of technology, we communicate, transmit data and offer services online through high tech web and mobile application which saves both time and money for our clients. We assure that our Experienced RCIC provide Valuable Consultancy services and take our clients one step closer to live their vision.


Rajvir kaur

Founder, Royal Choice Immigration

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“Your Vision is Our Mission”

Rajvir Kaur is an authorized Immigration Consultant. She is a member in good standing of ICCRC and authorized by Canadian Government to represent your interests in all matters. Her RCIC number is R534121.

You do not have to wait for your day off to be physically present for immigration consultancy sessions. We offer online appointments through Skype video conferencing, what’s app video call and direct phone calls. You can communicate to our RCIC through emails and what’s app text messages. These methods of communication can also be used to transfer required documents.

We understand that every client immigration matter is unique and need carefully attention. Based on this, our RCIC makes a strategic plan according to the needs of the matter and offers a perfect solution. Success depends on a truly professional and personalized solution. We ensure each case is well planned from the beginning presented strategically to IRCC.


We will always give you accurate picture right from the beginning. We do not play games with your future or sell false hopes. There will be a set fees declared in retainer agreement when you hire us. There will be no hidden fees.

Contact us for initial consultancy there will be no fee charges for it. We give a fare chance to our clients to decide whether they want to hire us or not.

The technology has made our lives easier to live. We can transfer data from anywhere to any location. Our RCICs utilize this service at the best. All our clients have the option to transfer files online using Emails, Skype, TeamViewer, whatsApp and Google Drive. This helps the clients to save the transportation cost and time to travel. On the other hand both the parties won’t have to wait for the documents to receive forever.

We understand finances are different for everyone. We are always willing to look at strategic plan for charging fees for each individual client considering the needs of their immigration matters.

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